Turnkey Services

We will take your job from print to plating, no matter how intricated it might be. No more purchasing raw parts from any vendor and shipping them to another for plating. Save money by ordering your finished parts from Advanced Plating! Please go here to learn more about our Turnkey Services that we offer our customers.


Old warn parts that have been damaged, tarnished, or oxidized can be restored to like new condition at Advanced Plating. We specialize in restoration work and have extensive experience in refurbishing old parts from stringed and percussion instruments. Don't let those old, worn parts sit in storage because they are too costly (or impossible) to replace. LET US BRING THEM BACK TO LIFE!

Powder Coating

In addition to plating, we also offer a wide variety of powder coating services. Parts are stripped, blasted or polished and iron phosphate covered. The powder paint is electrostatically applied, then heat cured. Once cured this process provides a hard druable finish that is resistant to chipping, peeling, and scratching. Hundreds of color choices are available. Choose from either smooth or textured coatings such as wrinkled, alligator, and veined... choose from metallic, matte, semi glossy, or glossy...and you can even choose between opaque and translucent. The possibilities are endless!

Polish & Plating

Our plating services include copper, nickel, chrome, 24KT gold, and black nickel. Choose from satin, bright, or brushed finishes. All parts ar triple plated for durability and superior quality. Please click here to see our available finishes.

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